Greeting Wooden Wall Decor with Hooks

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Fill your home with love, respect, and good vibes. "Namaste" is a traditional Indian greeting, which literally translates to "I bow to you". Fill your mind with humility and respect, and you will be surprised how everything will seem to work right for you all day. Brighten up your walls and your thoughts with this Wall Hooks. This boho-inspired wall decor features the word "Namaste" in large script. Its laser cut wood shows off smooth curves, fine surfaces, and gorgeous natural wood knots. This wall decor is fitted with 3 hooks that you may use for hanging keys and small daily essentials. It measures 20.00 X 2.16 X 10.00 inches, is made of 80% wood and 20% metal, and the individual hook weight capacity is 5.5 lbs.